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The ultimate collaborative writing tool

Import it into your favorite game engine or generate an app on Mobile / PC / Web.

Share it in 1 click to your co-authors or testers who can edit or comment on it.

Design your scenario as a visual tree graph.

“Celestory is simply the best tool on the market.”

Michael Peiffert, Mi-Clos Studios, Out There

Analyze existing film structures and create your own step by step

Design your story using the great storytelling schemes of Hollywood.

Participate for the first time in the analysis of interactive scenarios.

Open an example

Create worlds without limits

Prototype your game faster

Enjoy +1500 characters and sets

Modify your game's UI with predefined styles or create your own

Import your own resources (images, sounds, videos...) simply.

Test and get continuous feedback

View tested routes in preview mode

Modify the live variables to make sure you don't miss any bugs

View your players' stats in your Dashboard

Our AI will identify types of player behavior

Independent designer?

Develop and monetize your narrative game now!

Include advertising or charge for a fee

Export your white label game

Generate business by putting your game on sale on stores or sell it in btob.

Connect your datas with integrations

Automate your audience management with Zapier & Integromat

Unlimited compatibility: CRM, LMS...

More than 3000 apps, nocode

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